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History background

El-Basha History

  • EL-BASHA EXP. & IMP. CO. established more than 80 years ago as the fathers & grand fathers were put all the basics for trading in the local market which make us insist to have and keep our very well know reputation and trade mark inside the Egyptian market.
  • Our brand (EL-BASHA) is the largest selling company in the Egyptian domestic markets.
  • Founder: Elhajj Idress.
  • After all these experience we had got, we launched to plan to enlarge our outside connections since 1986 – 1987 for exporting and importing, fortunately, exporting was taken most of our efforts to wide our services.
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Quality Certificates

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El-Basha Values

We stepped our work life on some of values; therefore we made our great history which you can find it engraved on each seed of the high quality agricultural products; further to these quality we made it in a brief statement;

“The More OF Our Efforts The More Quality our Client Received, The More Time The More Continuous Improving…Be The Most Trusted Company In Both Of Imports & Exports Departments In The International Markets”.


El-Basha Policies

To be a leading, prestigious and reliable brand in the world pulses & grains sector, our company sets hte below-mentioned criteria as its quality and food safety policy and guarantees continuous man power training and participation in order to keep it long-lasting:

  1. Producing in healthy and hygienic conditions without compromising human health.
  2. Continuously improving both the quality and the system with the help of set-up targets and a quality-focused management approach at each and every process.
  3. Cooperating with the customers and the suppliers on effective, efficient and constructive basis.
  4. Being sensitive to customer needs and demands.
  5. fulfilling all the necessities in accordance with legislation.
  6. Complying with the quality and food safety management system clauses.
  7. Defining and controlling every physical, chemical and microbiological danger that might affect food safety.
Elbasha brands

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Elbasha Dates

Meet the team that
creates future.

Faten Hemdan

Director of Operation

Ahmed Elbasha

Member of the Board

Ahmed Idrees

General Manager

Ahmed Essam

Director of operations
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